If you are in search for a company that provides quality and expertise E commercial services , then Bcotics Is the best solution you could get. The main features of our service is that we are cost effective and offers solutions that are tailored to suit your need.

E-commerce website agency in Kochi Kerala

Ecommerce Website

E commerce is the new trend in this changing world. You need to stay updated with the changing trend in order to keep yourself ahead of others in the ratrace. We can help you build your E-commerce business from scratch, improve it or completely.

E-commerce website development company in Kochi

Android Mobile Application

To make your e commerce operation more user friendly ,we offer an E commerce web view application will be very easy to operate in a mobile. The application is available on Android platform.

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Billing Software

The main advantage that a Billing software provides is faster billing, Reduction in the workload of your employees and greater customer satisfaction are two of the Goals which a company wants to achieve and that is exactly what this software has in store will do for you.

Billing software in Kerala

Scanner Printer Devices

We offer you quality scanner and printer devices that are compatible for you billing software. The devices can be customised as per your need and quality Is an assurance of our products.


Best e-commerce platforms

Cost effective

It will the complete turnover for the money you have invested and it’s saves you money as it uses less manpower.

E-commerce development services

Instant updates

You get instant updates about your billing department, your day to day business and even comparison is possible, this helps you to make the right decision on right time.

Billing software in Kochi

Instant invoices

It provides you with instant invoices which serve as an evidence for your daily business and makes your accounting a much simpler process.

Barcode scanners

Time effective

It helps you to save a lot of paperwork and this in turn help you to save your valuable time.

Best e-commerce website

Competitive advantage

Keeping up with the trend and going ahead of your competitors help you in gaining competitive advantage , this will boost your business up and help you to achieve your goals.

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Best e-commerce platforms
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